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In th"FIREFOX"e world of web competition, all web browsers are obviously likely to give more features and functionality. It seems Mozilla has been inspired by more than just Chrome’s UI! According to the new journey laid out by Mozilla for the year 2011, Firefox 4 is just the first “major” release to come this year, and will be followed in quick succession by Firefox 5, 6 and 7 all releasing in 2011.

This might seems kind of odd since Firefox 4 has been in beta longer than 3 months! However this perhaps is the point, to have fewer features delivered faster rather than many features delivered after long waits and extended beta testing periods.


Mozilla also has plans for some major new features throughout the year (according to the Mozilla Firefox Roadmap)

  • Firefox 5:
    • Account Manager
    • Simple Sharing UI
    • UI Animation
    • 64 Bit on Windows
  • Firefox 6:
    • Web Applications
    • FasterCache
    • OSX 10.7
    • JS Optimizations
  • Firefox 7:
    • Electrolysis
    • deXBLification

2011 seems like a big year for Mozilla; Firefox 4 is already one of their most significant releases, and it seems that Mozilla has significant changes planned this year.

So, Firefox’s fans be ready for its Rapid fire versions !!!


CWG:Glory for India

The 2010 commonwealth game is the nineteenth commonwealth games held in NEW DELHI,INDIA from 3 October to 14 October. It was first time the commonwealth games held in India and second time in Asia. Delhi bid won by 22 votes against Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in November 2003 and got enough time to prove itself. The initial budget for commonwealth in 2003 was Rs.1620 crore and in 2010 it will increased by Rs.11970 crore.

In the starting many disputes and problems of corruption and poor management for CWG was the centre news but when opening ceremony starts on 3rd oct,2010 with full preparation then everyone impressed by India’s Management recovery. The helium aerostat was main attraction for spectators and all players with their staff praised India’s effort and had to tell that great facilities provided by India. Capital, New Delhi looks like a city of foreign country with full lighting.

India performed well and accomplished its mission of getting maximum gold. In final medal tally India is on 2nd spot with 38 gold. India got gold in every event and it done after 1958. There was no any thesauruses for India’s Triumph at CWG. On final day, Saina Nehwal won gold and India beat England in the racism of gold. Australia got 74 gold and total 171 medals but sadly didn’t show any sporting spirit when their cricket team lost the test series against India on Wednesday.

The next host of CWG, Glasgow on the tour of India to see how India Organize CWG and stay till closing ceremony ends. They quite impressed by India’s management and watched opening ceremony on Television. It was glory for India and triumph performance at CWG. After the completion with grand closing ceremony yesterday, India set one example for rest of world.

Life is race, we players want to win this. Microsoft launched its web browser IE9 Beta on 15 sep which is latest version of Internet Explorer after 15 years.

This version has drastic change from earlier versions with an aim to stay in the digital world race. With IE9 Microsoft has focused on extending the browser’s

compatibility with modern Web technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3.

IE old versions were very slow compare to other web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google chrome and lacked even basic feature like a proper download manager.

New Features:

  • Equipped with new java script engine called ‘Chakra’ which overcome the problem of slow access of earlier versions.
  • Independent tabs facility is also included.
  • New download manager that can monitor web sessions.
  • Minimalistic look same as chrome but better than FF when comparing on the basis of Pixels.( Settings (the cog) contains functions such as Internet Options, print functions, the add-ons manager and a new downloads manager.)
  • Jump lists from where you have easy and quick access. In taskbar all pinned a site and only one right click on shortcuts for that site.
  • Unified search and address bar provided.


  • Only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows vista.
  • Free for only licensed user.
  • All tab have different windows.

Epic Browser

As per my experience and knowledge, want to say that every web browser has its own features and compatibility.

Till this date I had used many browsers among them i found that this is the best priority to use in each condition which i specified.

1. FF-As you mentioned that it gives great result for surfing in any condition. I like it much more due to its characteristic and user friendliness. Check options in tools menu and ADD-ON provided by FF!!

2. OPERA-The browser’s own speed is great which gives you faster access than any other web browser. I also used its opera mini version for mobile as well. It become popular gradually and its default browser for NOKIA 5310.

3. GOOGLE CHROME-I don’t have much experience of it but it has good features too.

4. IE-we can say that it is used less now a days due to better Quality Web browsers which include better compatibility and new features as well.

5. SAFARI-Its Good effort from APPLE INC. to develop such product which user can use easily. Don’t forget its product I-tunes!!

If we think about latest ratings and usage of web browser then TOP 5 WEB BROWSERS ARE:

SAFARI is on last position with less usage among people.

OPERA is on 4th position with not such great popularity though it has great speed and compatible version for mobile.

IE is on 3rd position and used less due to its graphics compatibility than other provide. Malware  and bug problem which is major issue which you can find it in July month DIGIT magazine and its not hidden form anyone who used it regularly that is SPEED.

GOOGLE CHROME is on 2nd position tabbing system and graphics is nice and if u have need of more tab then make habit of  only 5 to 6 tab in 1 window otherwise u may find problem that browser not responding.

FF is provide all facilities well Graphics, tabbing and speed due to these facilities its usage is 82% and it secure 1st position in top 5 list.

Before month, India not only got a symbol for its currency but its very first indigenous web browser too, named Epic.


Now one glimpse on founder of such a wonderful web browser. EPIC is new brand browser from INDIA coming to challenge browser giants with attractive and secure features. This browser is developed by Bangalore based software development firm- HIDDEN REFLEX.

Founder Alok Bhardwaj (L) and

Techie-in-command Tejas Vyas (R).

EPIC is based on open based platform MOZILLA FIREFOX. Internet in India is becoming very popular with people and is used on a very large scale in day to day public life. Thousands of people today are accessing internet in India and abroad for different purposes. But India is a multilingual country, with people speaking different languages in different parts of India.

This is fulfilled by EPIC by providing Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Sanskrit etc.

*Epic Browser Includes 1500+ Indian Themes and Wallpapers
* First Browser with built-in Anti-Virus
* Faster Browsing and Speed, Specially tweaked for more speed
* Free 1500+ Apps include Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Cricinfo, Orkut, Linkedin, twitter apps and games.

In starting, You may find that its not compatible but with time everyone has to adjust in life so this is the browser so its their responsibility to stay in the market and give the competition to others.

so be Proud an Indian!!


India’s greatest reality show KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati 4, now will be telecasted by Sony Television. The all last three edition of KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati was first telecasted by Star Plus but due to decrease in TRP of Star Plus now KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 will be telecasted on one of the greatest entertainment channel in India which Sony Television.

First and second season were hosted by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in 2000 and 2005 respectively. After that 3rd season was hosted by Shahrukh khan but that season didn’t get such popularity in public so that Amitabh is back in KBC 4 on SONY Television. The audiences are having huge expectations from KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati 4. The registration for fourth edition had already started from 2nd August.

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has given a peek into the new logo of the upcoming fourth season of “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, which he is set to host. The logo also includes the new rupee symbol.

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) was produced by Siddharth Basu from Big Synergy for three seasons and this season as well.

Now coming to the main point that what new features this upcoming season include??
• This time there will be pace in the show. For example, few starting question will have timer which participant have to answer the question in the given time.
• The questions are also reduced from 15 to 12. This will create more excitement in the show less questions less steps to become Crorepati.
• And much more innovativeness has been implemented in life line such as now phone a friend will be divided in three categories, who will be expert in some fields and also they will be seen in television.

If someone told about biscuits and we first think about PARLE-G as its become so popular,the same condition with search engine.there are number of search engine amazon,all the web,altavista,cuil,excite n many more.But all knows that GOOGLE is very popular serch engine.BING which is coming on internet to compete GGOGLE but its fail to do so.MICROSOFT’s try to challange GOOGLE which suggest by its name ‘BING is not GOOGLE.

Now come on main point that why this happen n how?the problem starting from JUNE,when a report was released from the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center, a government agency, that accused Google of providinglinks related to pornography.The issue has also received a significant amount of news coverage on China Central Television (CCTV).

China government become strict on it and give notice to GOOGLE as they believe that GOOGLE gave the result on any nonsecure n porn sites very easily which is harmful to the new generation of CHINA.So government agency blocked more than  14000 websites from the result provided by GOOGLE.

Actually BAIDU is the local search engine of  CHINA,Baidu and Google both have to compete using the same rules in China. Google only has a beef with the government if Baidu somehow receives some preferential treatment. I haven’t heard any news about discrimination against Google though.Google should never have come to China because they are supporting internet censorship by doing so especially when Google is one of the biggest supporters of the Free internet movement in America.

Google censors itself for China

GOOGLE  has offered chinese language version for its search engine but people frustrated as chinese government block it all.The company is setting up a new it will censor itself to satisfy authority in Beijing.

”Google has violated its written promise and is totally wrong by stopping to censor its Chinese language search results and blaming China for alleged hacker attacks, ” the Xinhua news agency quoted an official in charge of China’s Internet bureau as saying.

The Chinese official said, “We’re uncompromisingly opposed to the politicization of commercial issues, and express our discontent and indignation to Google for its unreasonable accusations and conducts.”

Its the local search engine of china.

See,the image very carefully this is the image of Google's china headquarters in Beijing remains open.

The actual main turning point started from here that Google and other  U.S  Companiesface the problem of  cyber attacks which is originated from China and during that they had investigate that  Gmail accounts connected with  china were being routinely used by someone else which cause the problem on their PC’s via left some malwares and often Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Google docs and many facilities blocked by  government of china,in results they were unable to  censoring their results on to this reasons.before some days they stopped censoring their search servicse like Google news n blog on  and redirect it on to heavy load on,users may find some inconvinience in services or find problem with some products.
Now in this censorship battle ,who lost more?Google lost a huge market from china where  it  has more Web users than any other country in the world – nearly 400 million of them, . So there is definitely money to be made in China. Google made $300 milion in last year. Google started its voyage to china in 2005 and with in january,2006  some eight years after Google is established.
Here people of China also lost many as compared to Google as they don’t get better facilities from and face many problems due to cancellation of  this censorship which connect china and here now you people think that can Indian government make same effort as china government or not?and conclude it with this image of


BAttle between China and GOOGLE

Generally IIM and IIT are such institutes which are always in headlines and these two institutes are dream colleges for all students connected with engineering field.An IIM-Ahmedabad student was tipped to have bagged an offer for Rs 1.4 crore two weeks ago,and it’s very near to 1.6 crore which is offered by British investment bank at IIM-Calcutta.

Now question is that what is we heard n media shown us was real or reel? as it became eye  nominated news for all people for some weeks,and after this the placement chief  at IIM-A,SARAL MUKHERJEE’s statment is:

“The truth is that the readers are being fed garbage”

we had seen that student of   IIM denied for high packages as well in past.IIM-A over the last few years has chosen not to disclose the highest salary offered as we believe salaries are just one component of the jobs offered and also because the highest salary is in no way representative of the recruitment scenario.

In this present scenario, business,corporate and every field efected in very badly so its tough to digest this matter. Now everywhere one news that if in placement no company offer more than 20 lac then why should IIM-A revealed the news of 1.4 or 1.6 crores?

So its not like that IIM only responsible for that media also.everyone knows that IIM passed out student get good packages than any other institutes.As i earlier wrote that IIM denied big packages as well which is the front page report in THE ECONOMIC TIMES.Thus they own declared about packages then and only then media should aware of if it is correct then its also correct that there is nothing as a package of 1.4 crore and its also accepted by IIM student also that they did’t get offer so high packages this time.Main point is it was revealed by media only,here media means not only news channels or any news paper but its covers all aspects related to now question is still there what should you people think???

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